Serving as your Vancouver City Councilmember for the past four years, Alishia has had the honor of making our city stronger by investing in the things that matter to our everyday lives. With your support, below are the priorities Alishia will continue to tackle for the next four years.

Jobs & The Economy

We need to build jobs here in Vancouver. We’re lucky to have a diverse economy in southwest Washington – from agriculture to high tech – and many opportunities will continue to present themselves as we grow sustainably into the future.
There are important jobs for our workers to do too – rebuilding our roads and bridges, filling the demand for teachers, nurses, and jobs in emerging technologies. By doing this work, we invest in our future. Alishia believes the ingredients for jobs and economic opportunities are the basic building blocks of:

• An educated and highly skilled workforce.
• Efficient and safe bridges, roads, and port infrastructure. When we invest in this critical infrastructure we are creating jobs and allowing commerce across our city and region.
• Quality schools and affordable housing. Both are critical in ensuring families can live and thrive in Vancouver and be a part of a sustainable workforce.

This will create a strong local economy and good quality of life for everyone in Vancouver. Alishia will continue to support policies that allow for job growth and investment in our future.

Affordable Homes

Clark County is experiencing a housing crisis. With a vacancy rate around 3% and fast rising rents, this affects everyone, especially our most vulnerable – seniors, Veterans, the disabled, and the working poor.

In December of 2014, we saw mass vacate notices, rapidly rising rents and hundreds of people being displaced from their homes with no options other than homelessness. As a City Councilor, Alishia led and collaborated on efforts to increase Vancouver’s affordable housing by championing three new city ordinances to protect vulnerable renters:

• Giving people who pay their rent on time and follow all the rules more time to find new housing,
• providing more time before a rent increase of 10% can be implemented,
• and making it illegal to discriminate based on the source of income.

There is still more work to be done. Alishia will work to ensure the affordable housing fund is implemented to help the most number of people. She will work to add additional shelter beds for single women and increased access to mental health and chemical dependency treatment, and preserve more affordable housing. Alishia will continue to lead the charge and believes we will find solutions together.

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Parks & Recreation

Vancouver’s parks and recreation facilities share our quality of life and are at the heart of our neighborhoods and community. During Alishia’s tenure on City Council, she fought to prioritize our parks and reinvest in our recreational facilities. The city turned on their sprinklers in the parks and added maintenance manpower, but Alishia believes we have a lot more work ahead of us. With more than 1,600 acres of park land, including 90 parks and 20 miles of trails we need a sustainable plan and a champion to make our parks system a city priority. Alishia will continue to fight for quality parks in every neighborhood.

Public Safety

One of the most important services a city can provide is police and fire response. Alishia has proven her commitment to fully fund police services by adding 61 sworn and civilian positions to the Vancouver Police Department by 2020. Alishia believes we must have officers available when we need them most.
Alishia also voted to approve the construction of two replacement fire stations to improve service and response times. We are a growing city and our services must reflect the needs of our community. Alishia will continue to be an advocate for smart resource investment and will keep your safety as her top priority.